0.6.0 Gated Builds

Drone adds experimental support for gating your builds. You can enable gating for your repository in the user interface or with the following command:

drone repo update <repo> --gated=true

The default gating logic is very basic. If the repository is public, and the hook is a pull request, and the user is not the repository admin, then the pull request is blocked pending approval. This default logic is intended to help mitigate bad actors sending harmful pull requests to open source projects.


The default gating logic is not going to be useful for many installations. We fully expect most organizations will need to customize this logic. To enable customization we have made gating pluggable. This means you will be able to supply your own custom logic, tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Please note that we do not want to embed a complex approval engine inside of Drone. Nor do we want to embed your organizations custom approval logic in Drone. So please use plugins and please do not send pull requests that attempt to alter the default gating logic.

What’s Next

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