0.6.0 Registry Credentials

Registry credentials for downloading private pipeline images are now managed separately from secrets, and are no longer specified in the yaml configuration file.

Example legacy configuration:

    image: bradrydzewski/private-image
-   auth_config:
-     username: bradrydzewski
-     password: password
      - go build
      - go test

Registry credentials are added to drone using the command line utility:

drone registry add \
  --repository=<repo> \
  --hostname=docker.io \
  --username=<username> \

Example command:

drone registry add \
  --repository=octocat/hello-world \
  --hostname=docker.io \
  --username=bradrydzewski \

Drone matches the registry hostname to each image in your yaml. If the hostnames match the registry credentials are used to authenticate to your registry and pull the image. Note that registry credentials are used by the Drone agent and are never exposed to your build containers.

Example registry hostnames:

Example registry hostname matching logic:

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