This is the final release for version 0.7. This release is mostly comprised of bug fixes introduced in the 0.6 release. It is therefore highly recommended to upgrade from 0.6 to 0.7 right away.

Closed Issues

Closes Enhancements

Makefile Removed

The Makefile was removed and the build process simplified. It is now possible to build and install drone core using the standard Go build toolchain.

go get github.com/drone/drone-ui/dist
go install github.com/drone/drone/drone

Command Line Utility Moved

The command line utility moved to the drone/drone-cli repository and is now being distributed by GitHub releases. If you would like to help improve the command line utility please inquire about joining the drone organization.

Preparing for 1.0

The primary goal at this stage of the project is to reach a stable 1.0 release. This will include a compatibility promise similar to Go 1 (see https://golang.org/doc/go1compat). As we approach a 1.0 we will limit the introduction of new features so that we can focus on stability, usability and documentation.

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